Friday, December 6, 2013

20th blog

          Well everyone this will be my last blog. English is almost over. The semester is almost over. I'm so glad. This semester was long. I'm cramming everything in. All my essays I have to type. I've hand written all of them. It takes a long time to type. I don't have enough time in the day. But I'm almost done. I have one more essay to type. I'm glad I only have two classes to deal with. This semester was better than last semester. Atleast  the essays were. I liked watching the moives in English class. The sad part about this semester is I lost my best friend. She had to drop out for now. I will miss her dearly. Family comes first. I hope she will be okay. It's going to be different because we have been in the same classes since we started college. We did register the same classes next semseter. But things change. The last day of classes is Monday. I only have one exam to do and that's math. If anyone decides to go to Richard Bland college in Virginia and have to take an English I perfer you register for Isac Sweeney because you will enjoy his class. He makes class very instering and the time goes quick.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

19th blog

          Last week in English class we watched a movie called "Seven". It's about the seven deadly sins. The seven deadly sins are greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freedom were the two main characters. They were detectives. It was a really good movie. But I wasn't expecting the ending. The movie took three class periods to watch which it was all week. Hey it's better than doing class work. When the movie was over we got into groups and made discussion questions. Each group had to come up with atleast three questions. We had four groups and each group asked their questions. It took the whole class period. For once it would be nice not to count before we get into groups.

          So after watching the movie Mr. Sweeney hands us a essay paper. It's our last essay. Atleast it's only 700 words and it's due next week. We have to write about the movie. I'm doing a comparison between the detective styles of Somerset (Morgan Freedom) and Mills (Brad Pitt). We have to have one outside source. I don't think it would be to hard to write. We also have to write 10 blogs. I'm on my 9th blog. I'm almost done blogging. The semester is almost over.

Monday, November 11, 2013

blog 18

          I just finished and turn in my 3rd essay for English. Sweeney has my other essay. It would be nice to get it back so I can revise it and type it because I need it for my portfolio at the end of the semester. I would like to see what comments he made about my essay. I only have one more essay to do. The semester is almost over. I'm so glad. This semester was long and stressful. My other subject I'm taking is math and it makes my brain hurt. English is not that bad. But writing those essays is a killer. I'm so glad I don't need to take another English or Math ever again. All that I've been taken in college is Math and English.It's time to move on.

          I haven't been to English class last week because I was sick. Change of weather I guess. I don't like winter. It's to cold. The snow is okay.

          I just found out that we have to read "Seven" in English class. It's 171 pages long. Who has time to read it after class and you can't print the pages. What was Sweeney thinking? I never seen or read "Seven" or I'll shall see.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

          I only need one outside activity to get an B. You need two outside activities to get an A but you need to due an outside presentation. I don't have time to do things outside of class. The outside activity I did was taking my family to the pumpkin patch at Boulevard Flowers in Colonial Heights VA on Saturday. My friend Tanya and her daughter Kyndal met us there. Everyone got a great big pumpkin except my youngest son because he picked up a really tiny pumpkin. He told me that he would take care of the pumpkin. I don't know how but I didn't tell him that. We rode the hayride. They had two tractors going. The tractors drove us to the pumpkin field. There was a lot of pumpkins. We feed the goats. They had rides but you had to pay to ride. It was expensive. I believe the rides cost about a dollar or more. My youngest son wanted to ride a train they had. He did but the price of it was ridiculous. It was $1.25 or something like that. No adults could ride the rides. It was for the little kids. I thought everything was free except for the pumpkins. If one person from your party could carry and walk a straight line for a few seconds your pumpkins were $15 no matter how many punkins you had. My oldest son carried 5 pumpkins and walked a straight line. He carried some big pumpkins. He couldn't see but he did it.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

blog 16

          In English class Sweeney handed out our third essay paper. It's supposed to be 1000 words. Three cited sources. Sweeney told me that I could add on my second essay for my third essay. I just got to figure out how to add more words and where to put it and two more cite sources. A least I only need 300 more words. It's a thesis/claim and formulate a paper. I'll be glad when I'm done writing essays.

          Last week I finally got my first essay back. I had a few things to correct. It wasn't bad. Now I'm waiting on the second essay. I just hope it don't take as long as the first one I got back. You know I have to type it for my portfolio, Typing isn't bad it just getting feed back from your Professor. When I see a lot of writing on my essay I got scared and frustrated all at the same time because I have more work to do. We only have two more months left until the semester ends and I don't have to take English ever again. Thank god we don't have a English final. I don't know. I think I rather take a English final than writing essays. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

blog 15

          I just finished writing my second essay. It was an analytical essay. We needed at least one outside source and citied it. It had to be 700 words. I chose to write about the women in "The Yellow Wallpaper" and Laura in "The Glass Menagerie". They both were obsessed by something. Even the article  I read the author had an obsession. Laura was obsessed by her glass animal sculptures. Every time something bad happen to her she would go to her sculptures. That made her feel safe and wanted. The women in "The Yellow Wallpaper" her obsession with the wallpaper made her go crazy. Everyone is obsessed with something in their lifetime. Some people take medicine because they an illness. Some make it an hobby.

          We just had our fall break. It was only two days off but it was nice being off. But I would never go to Virginia beach ever again. To many people and a lot of traffic. It was a very bad experience. It rained the whole time. But the cabin at KOA campground was great. It was 10 mins. away from the beach. In the summer time it would be nice because it looked like they had a lot of activities to do. But I will never go again.

Friday, October 4, 2013

blog 14

                All this week in English class we've been watching a movie called "The Glass Menagerie". The story we are also reading is called "The Glass Menagerie". It's about a family living in the 30's. A mother named Amanda, A brother named Tom and a sister named Laura. They live in poverty. The brother is the only one bring home any income. He works in a warehouse and makes about 65 dollars a month. Amanda wants Tom to find his sister Laura a man because she feels Laura is going to alone because she is very shy and not doing anything about her life. Laura is crippled. She walks with a limp. She's in her early 20's. But back than you get married or you had a name for yourself. Tom does bring a man home for Laura. She even knows him from High School. His name is Jim. Laura had a big crush on him in High School. But come to find out he has another lady friend named Betty. Laura was upset. I believe that Amanda the mother is afraid of what her children will become when she dies. I really liked the movie. It was a short movie. The book was the same way. Now we have to write an essay about it. This would be very interesting.